Playing the piano

Piano recordings

I'll record you some piano, to your exact specifications, and quickly get it back to you in the format you need. Maybe it's a simple backing track, maybe you need something transposing, perhaps you need a Youtube track recreating but with some changes. Let me know what you need, and check out my Recording page for more examples of how I can help.

Playing for weddings and events

Would you like some tasteful background music at your wedding reception, played live by a pianist in a black tie, who can take requests? ​Or a special song for walking down the aisle? I will bring my own equipment if you like. Drop me a line, I can make your special day even better.

Rehearsal and audition piano

I can come to your rehearsal room, your school, college or university, and play for your rehearsals or auditions. It's easy for me to bring my own equipment.